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I am an artist and arts educator currently based in the Baltimore-DC area. Since graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University in the spring of 2016 with a BFA and certification in Art Education (K-12), I have spent time teaching in

after-school programs, Baltimore City classrooms, the Maryland Science Center, and Smithsonian museum educational programs.

As an artist, I am passionate about researching oddities and 

physically representing mental patterns and connections between

history, science, and self. My work is often inspired by family history,

structures, systems, maps, and memories. I enjoy learning new

material processes, though my specialty lies in sculptural work.

Additionally, I have worked in local theaters designing and

fabricating props.

Between teaching, researching, and making, I make space 

to knit, swing dance, and discover hiking paths around the city.

Jessica Andrews smiling working with student in Guatemala
Teaching: A Timeline
Jessica Andrews Teaching Timeline 2014-2015
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